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RVCC Bookstore is your home to buy RVCC course materials, clothing, gifts and more! Shop for books, RVCC clothing, supplies, and snacks at this downtown retailer located on the lower level of the University Center. Golden Lion Bookstore is operated by Flat Bookstore Management Company, selling and renting new books, and buying back idle textbooks. Golden Lion Bookstore has all your course material needs, whether it is physical or digital products. Whether you shop in person or online, Golden Lion Bookstore has the right equipment to manage your year! RVCC Bookstore provides a variety of textbook purchase options, including new books, used books, rental and digital formats. Among textbooks, renting a textbook is one of the best ways to save the largest college expenses. On average, renting a book can save you about 50% The bookstore is committed to providing convenience to you. Its mission is consistent with the university's goal of providing goods and services to ensure that students, faculty and staff can have a comprehensive service experience and maximize the success rate of the bookstore.


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Raritan Valley Community College is located in Bransburg, New Jersey. It is a medium-sized public two-year community college founded in 1965. RVCC does not discriminate against any race, belief, color, nationality, ancestry, age, etc. in its educational programs or activities. Gender, marital status, veteran status, religion, affection or sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, atypical genetic cells or descent traits, genetic information, disability, or any other characteristic protected by applicable federal, state, and local laws. University is more than just credits and exams. RVCC is a closely integrated community, full of experience in the social and intellectual fields. From first-class academic support, to life-changing community service opportunities, to clubs and organizations with various skills and hobbies, the student experience at RVCC is limitless. RVCC creates an environment of warmth, participation and growth. Explore special interest clubs or participate in student unions while earning the degree you've been working on.

RVCC Bookstore Promo Code