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Pcc bookstore has been working hard to bring customers an excellent shopping experience through preferential promotion activities, selling a variety of goods, including books, novels, clothing, spiritual goods, accessories, collectibles, and so on. They know how to impress customers by offering great discounts. When you shop in pcc bookstores, you can save a lot of money. You can order online first, and then pick it up at the nearest bookstore or deliver it to your door. You can choose the most convenient way to order according to your requirements and conditions. The PCC Bookstore provides services to PCC students, faculty, and the community, selling all necessary textbooks and supplies, as well as general interest art, office supplies, school supplies, calculators, greeting cards, computers, clothing and gifts. Before buying a textbook, you can check your syllabus to make sure you need to buy it. More and more courses use open source, and books are available in free online format when you need them.


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  • 1580 E Colorado Blvd, Building B, Pasadena, CA US 91106

  • (626) 585-7378

Pasadena City College


Pasadena City College was established in 1924 and is one of the best community colleges in California. It is located in Pasadena, near Los Angeles, about 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The school mainly offers the following professional courses: business, business management, computer, architectural design, business consulting, automatic technology, psychology, music, journalism, life science, social science and education; it is a large comprehensive university with low tuition. Tuition is only half of California State University and one quarter of California University. With a unique and flexible curriculum design, students can use it flexibly. There are associate degree classes, junior college transfer classes, certificate courses and career courses. Every year, about 350 people apply to the University of California system such as Berkeley, and 1,000 people apply to the California State University system. California has 108 community colleges and 72 community college districts. A total of 1.7 million people study at California community colleges. It is the largest public university system in the United States.

Pasadena City College Bookstore Promo Code