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CCC bookstore provides new books, second-hand books, rental books and e-books. You will see the list of courses you have registered and the books required for these courses to find the most suitable format and price for you, and use your financial aid book vouchers to pay. CCC provides financial assistance, including bursaries, scholarships, childcare and work and study, so they will help you and your family pay for tuition, miscellaneous fees, books and supplies and other educational expenses. It applies to all degree and diploma courses as well as some certificates. The mission of CCC bookstore is to provide innovative solutions, high-quality products, related services and unforgettable experiences, aiming to provide all necessary course materials in digital form at the lowest possible price. CCC bookstore also provides a variety of textbook options, including new books, used books, rental books and digital books, so people can rent books from bookstores, saving up to half the price of new books.



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Cleveland Community College was established in 1965. It is a comprehensive public two-year college affiliated to the North Carolina Community College System. It was originally called the Cleveland Community Industry and Adult Education Center, and was officially renamed by the Cleveland Institute of Technology in 1980. For Cleveland Community College. Cleveland Community College is committed to helping students achieve personal professional success through high-quality barrier-free education courses and services, providing timely education and training according to the needs of industry and commerce for talents, and improving the quality of life of residents in Cleveland through active participation in community activities. Cleveland Community College has a variety of specialties and certifications, such as accounting, biotechnology, business administration, Spanish interpretation, computer information technology, criminal justice, early childhood education, electronic engineering, fire technology, welding technology, surgical technology, mechanical drawing, woodworking, Internet management, digital electronics, vehicle maintenance, real estate, computer technical support, engineering drawing, etc.

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