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As Carleton University's official bookstore, Carleton university bookstore is a one-stop shop for students and faculty to purchase textbooks and other course materials. The store also sells customized clothes and souvenirs to alumni and visitors. In the bookstore, students can look up the course code and number to find the textbook with their own course magistrate. If you can't find it, there are plenty of staff to help you. They are committed to providing you with the most considerate service. You can rent old or new books for the semester. In addition, you can buy an electronic version of the textbook. you can match the price of your textbook. Their textbook price matching system is different from other stores. You first need to make sure that the website you want to match the price is Canadian. The amazon. This is a good place for price matching. You can order your books online. This is a good way to avoid long lines at the beginning of the semester. The store will pick up everything you need to order for you. This will save you a lot of time. You can sell your books back. They have buy-back programs throughout the year, and the graduation and back-to-school seasons are good times to sell books. You can receive up to 50% of the fee, which is the best way to deal with unused textbooks. Students always use Carleton Bookstore Promo Code to get discounts.


Sun: Closed

Mon: 8am - 6pm

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Fri: 8am - 4:30pmSat: 10am - 4pm


1125 Colonel By Drive, University Center, First Floor, Ottawa, ON CA K1S 5B6


  • Cost Management

    Cost Management

    ISBN: 9781260091724

    Author: Blocher

    Publisher: McGraw Ryerson Ltd

  • Fund of Aerodynamics

    Fund of Aerodynamics

    ISBN: 9781259129919

    Author: Anderson

    Publisher: McGraw-Hill

  • Gas Turbine Theory

    Gas Turbine Theory

    ISBN: 9781292093093

    Author: Saravanamuttoo

    Publisher: Pearson Education

  • Composite Materials

    Composite Materials

    ISBN: 9781466584877

    Author: Gay

    Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

  • African Experience

    African Experience

    ISBN: 9780205851713

    Author: Khapoya

    Publisher: Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

  • Mapping Applied Linguistics

    Mapping Applied Linguistics

    ISBN: 9781138957084

    Author: Hall

    Publisher: Routledge



    Price: $17.99

    Description: TI Scientific 10 digit, stats, fractions, slide case, battery powered

1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 520-2600


Carleton University is an independent collegiate university that is well known and respected by its students. From the beginning, Carleton University welcomed the world, explored many research fields, and assumed the responsibilities of national and international citizens. Carleton University is committed to promoting learning through disciplinary and interdisciplinary teaching, research and research, knowledge creation and dissemination, and community improvement. It serves people in Ontario, Canada and around the world. It is close to government agencies, libraries, the media and a thriving knowledge economy, It is a good place for students to study and live. Students like to choose and buy the books they like in Stony Brook University Bookstore, where the books cover a wide range and are of good quality.

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