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The Bari University Bookstore is managed by Flat Higher Education Group. Their goal is to cooperate with Bari University to provide the best campus bookstore service. The Bari University Bookstore provides classroom textbooks, academic reference and trade books, magazines and newspapers, office and school supplies, Bari University goods and clothing, groceries and snacks, various novels, non-fiction and reference book titles, the latest selection of the latest software, A special order of high-quality iconic clothing and merchandise and selected books with the logos of the University of Bari’s academic, sports and student organizations. Bookstores buy back textbooks all the year round. For all repurchase transactions, you must have a valid ID with a photo, preferably a Barry student ID. The bookstore provides a rental plan. Students can save up to 50% of the cost of new books, and they can be used by students in-store and online. Allow students to choose their preferred payment methods, including financial aid and campus cards, allow students to freely highlight and take notes within the normal wear and tear related to coursework, and if students want to keep the book, let them choose at the end of the semester Buy their textbooks.


Mon:9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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  • 11300 N Miami Ave, Barry University Bookstore, Miami Shores, FL US 33161

  • (305) 899-3970

Barry Bookstore


The University of Bari is a Catholic higher education institution founded in 1940 by Adrian Dominican Sisters. Based on the liberal arts tradition, the University of Bari is an academic community dedicated to the highest academic standards of undergraduate, graduate and professional education. In the Catholic intellectual tradition, the integration of learning, reflection, and action affects the lives of intellectuals. True to this tradition, Barry’s education and university experience promoted the transformation of individuals and communities, where learning leads to knowledge and truth, reflection leads to wise action, and commitment to social justice leads to collaborative service. Barry University in Miami, Florida encourages students to promote positive change in local and global communities. No matter which undergraduate or graduate degree program you choose, you will gain practical experience and apply what you have learned in class to a rapidly changing world. You work with professors who guide, encourage and challenge you. You can choose from a wealth of campus activities that will allow you to have fun, make friends and develop your talents. At Barry, you are ready to join the next generation of change agents and leaders.

Barry Bookstore Promo Code